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The Empire of Gut and Bone

Book Three of the Norumbegan Quartet


The land of New Norumbega is an unusual one — an empire of gut and bone, a kingdom lost inside a vast and mysterious alien body. At its dark, dry heart is  race of elfin nobles who don’t care about much besides themselves … though the fate of our world rests in their hands.

Brian and Gregory have come to New Norumbega for a reason — to convince the Norumbegans to intervene and save North America from invasion. But instead, the two boys find themselves caught up in both a rebellion and a murder mystery after one of the Norumbegan leaders is sent to sleep … permanently.

In New Norumbega, it’s very hard to know who to trust. There are assassins around every corner, and secrets pave every conversation. Brian and Gregory will be lucky to make it out alive, never sure if they are meant to catch the murderer … or be the killer’s next victim.

(Sequel to The Game of Sunken Places and The Suburb Beyond the Stars.)

“Anderson has done nothing less than create a true American fantasy with inspiration from a mythological New England settlement. He has fashioned an ongoing work that is a worthy successor to the books of Susan Cooper and Lloyd Alexander.” — School Library Journal

“Anderson’s razor-sharp wit is on full display in this adventure, full of snappy, cross-species insultery and persistently high-brow absurdism.” — Booklist

“Fans will find the unapologetically intellectual looniness uncannily, happily familiar.” — Kirkus

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