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Agent Q

A Pals in Peril Tale
Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

Men in dark hats sneak up behind you. Eyes on portraits follow you. Even the flowers in their pots turn to track you as you pass by. Nothing is safe! No one can be trusted!

Having mopped up their last crime-fighting caper, our three heroes – Lily Gefelty, Katie Mulligan, and Jasper Dash, Boy Technonaut – are eager to get home. But the secret police in the war-torn realm of fantasy where the three kids are trapped (the state of Delaware) don’t want them going anywhere. Our dynamic trio knows way too much about the whereabouts of certain fabulous treasures to escape the grip of Delaware’s Ministry of Silence. So, chums, it’s a race to the border of New Jersey against spies and government agents and double-crossers … That is, if our heroes want to make it home alive!

Novel includes: Trap doors, crossbows, passionate seafood, gunplay in a pile of rice pilaf, flipbook art, tusked airship pilots, a shark pit, and, of course, the mysterious CURSE OF THE JAGUAR!

NOTE: For those interested in learning more about the fascinating state of Delaware, in which this book takes place, we have provided a highly educational, completely erroneous Tourist’s Guide to Deepest, Darkest Delaware.

“In Anderson’s droll send-up of the spy genre, restaurant menus hold hidden meanings, sentient lobsters guard resistance hideouts, and informants win Precious Moments figurines for turning people in. Among the energetic chase sequences, diverting authorial interjections, and appropriately quirky illustrations (including flip-book art) is a quiet message about the importance of home, however “normal” it may be. Finally, if while reading you mysteriously find ‘The Song That Never Ends’ stuck in your head, ponder these words of wisdom from Brother Grzo: ‘Is not all life a song that never ends?’” — Booklist (starred review)

“Quirky, unique, and never dull, this is one adventuresome fantasy readers won’t soon forget, whether they’re followers of the series or meeting the pals for the first time.” — School Library Journal