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Me, All Alone, at the End of the World

Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes

A boy lives alone at the world’s edge, hunting treasure with old maps, finding fossils, whistling tunes, playing ball by the drop. It’s a peaceful, contemplative life, and the boy is content. Until, that is, a self-styled Professional Visionary arrives and puts up a sign: CONSTANTINE SHIMMER’S GALVANO-MAGICAL END OF THE WORLD TOURS. FUN ALL THE TIME! Soon men with machines come to pave a clearing for the inn and the theme park and all kinds of fun … And the boy at the End of the World starts wondering whether fun is all it’s cracked up to be …

Kirkus Reviews Editors’ Choice

Book Sense Children’s Picks List Selection

“Anderson’s text is gloriously cadenced, celebrating simple pleasures even as it acknowledges the dangerous appeal of man-made attractions.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“A persuasive argument for a little solitude and space to think.” – Newsday

“Anderson and Hawkes, who collaborated on HANDEL, WHO KNEW WHAT HE LIKED, have triumphed again with this imaginative fable.” – School Library Journal

On Me All Alone at the End of the World

This is a book about the joys of being alone. Picture books tend to start with kids who’s miserable being alone and only consider their happy ending happy when the kids in the story have found a friend – or six.

As a kid, sure, I thought my friends were great – but I really did love being alone too. So as an adult, I decided to write a book that discussed the pleasures of solitude. I wanted to say to kids: You don’t need to be in a crowd all the time to enjoy yourself. It’s great to make up your own kind of fun.